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Tramadol Purchase Online Uk, Tramadol 50Mg To Buy

Goodyear Optitrac Vintage Tyre

Tramadol Purchase Online Uk, Tramadol 50Mg To Buy

  • Self-cleaning tread action promoted by 45 degree tread lug angles
  • Up to 25% deeper than conventional R-1 tires
  • For applications in heavy, wet soil conditions
  • New lug and carcass shape for better durability and ride
Tramadol Online Overnight Cod
  • Description
  • Additional information


About the Goodyear Optitrac Vintage Tyre

  • Self-cleaning tread action promoted by 45 degree tread lug angles
  • Up to 25% deeper than conventional R-1 tires
  • For applications in heavy, wet soil conditions
  • New lug and carcass shape for better durability and ride

Additional information

Tyre Size

320/85R24, 320/90R42, 320/90R42, 320/90R50, 320/90R50, 320/125R54, 380/80R42, 380/90R42, 380/90R46, 380/90R46, 380/90R50, 380/90R50, 380/90R50, 380/95R38, 420/70R24, 460/85R30, 480/70R30, 480/70R34, 480/70R34, 420/90R30, 420/85R34, 420/85R38, 480/95R50, 480/95R54, 480/95R54, 520/70R38, 520/85R42, 520/85R42, 520/85R50, 540/65R24, 540/65R34, 540/75R34, 580/85R42, 580/85R42, 600/65R28, 600/65R28, 600/70R28, 600/70R28, 600/70R30, 620/75R26, 620/75R30, 620/75R30, 620/70R42, 620/70R46, 650/65R38, 650/75R38, 650/85R38, 650/85R42, 710/70R38, 710/70R38, 710/70R38, 710/70R42, 710/70R42, 710/70R42, 750/65R26, 750/65R26, 800/70R38, IF800/70R38CFO, IF800/70R38CFO, 800/70R42, 850/60R26, 850/80R38, 850/75R42, 850/75R42, 900/50R42, 900/60R32, 900/60R32, 900/60R32, 900/70R32, 900/75R32