Cultivator Tyres

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    Firestone Farm Free Rolling Tyre

    Firestone Farm Free Rolling Tyre

    • A versatile tyre for free-rolling wheels on all kind of farm equipment.
    • Heavy 5 rib tread for low rolling resistance guards.
    • Though construction.
    • Weather resistant rubber.
    • Long tyre life.
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    Mitas High Capacity Municipal Tyre (HCM)

    Mitas High Capacity Municipal Tyre (HCM) | Universal quiet running tyre for all terrains and applications

    • Low noise emission and vibration, thanks to different length of pitches and their alignment along circumference.
    • Exceptional traction characteristics due to more edges on the lugs.
    • Different lugs width in shoulder for better traction in deeper terrain.
    • Excellent self-cleaning and very good steering characteristics.
    • Particularly suitable for municipal and road maintenance tractors and equipment. Designed for all-season use.

    Municipal tyres – reduction of noise emission

    • The same length of pitches – spectrum comprises periodic lines with high amplitude (all noise concentrated into multiple repeated basic frequency – formation of disturbing noise).
    • Different length of pitches and their alignment gives a spectrum with low amplitude – noise is divided into whole frequency range – reduction of disturbing noise.
    For more information on the Mitas High Capacity Municipal Tyre, click here to visit the Mitas website.
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    Vredestein V61 Tyre

    Vredestein V61 Tyre | The robust tyre for professional cultivation machinery

    The V61’s open tread with its unmistakable rings is a guarantee for optimal stability and good self-cleaning properties. The strong, flexible carcass is resistant to peak loads. The tread rings also give extra protection against carcass penetration by thorns and stones.Due to the extra security this offers, many renowned machine manufacturers choose to fit the V61 as original equipment.