• ITP Bajacross Sport Tyre

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    • Utilizing an identical tread pattern — and the Baja-proven durability of ITP’s BajaCross tire — the new BajaCross Sport delivers the same quick-footed performance, but in a lighter-weight package.
    • Reduced tread depth — plus lower tread-to-void ratio — equals lighter weight, more ride comfort and precise handling.
    • Durable, compliant 6-ply construction, Extended wear rubber compound.
    • Front/rear specific sizing.
  • ITP Bajacross X/D Tyre

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    • The industry’s first Extreme Terrain RADIAL tire!
    • Super-aggressive tread design features 1-1/8-inch deep, angled and grooved lugs to deliver an exceptional level of traction.
    • Built with our exclusive long-life tread compound.
    • 12-inch option is ideal for muddy conditions, providing more flex and better flotation
    • 14-inch model is an excellent all-around trail/mud choice.
    • The XTR’S lower-profile sidewall reduces flex and dramatically improves handling and rider confidence.
  • ITP Black Water Evolution ATV Tyre

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    • Developed specifically for the rugged demands of today’s side-by-side vehicles.
    • Smooth riding, superb handling 8-ply-rated radial construction.
    • Innovative, non-directional tread design that delivers awesome traction and precise handling.
    • All new “Tough Tread” rubber compound offers exceptional wear and abrasion resistance.
    • Exclusive “Sidewall Armor™” protects the vulnerable shoulder area from penetration.
  • ITP Dune Star Tyre

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    • Aggressive, reinforced, dual-depth paddles provide unmatched traction in the sand.
    • 26-inch size is ideal for side-by-side UTV and 4×4 ATV applications.
    • Light in weight with exceptional flotation ability and a superb ride due to a super-flexible carcass.
    • Front Dune Star provides light, accurate steering and a comfortable ride.
  • ITP Holeshot ATR Tyre

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    • Super strong carcass tracks straight and offers unmatched cornering control.
    • Radial tire technology delivers an amazingly smooth ride, while the flexible sidewalls absorb trail shock.
    • Front: 205/80R12 (replaces 25×8-12), 205/85R12 (replaces 26×8-12)
    • Rear: 270/60R12 (replaces 25×10-12), 255/70R12 (replaces 26×10-12)
  • ITP Holeshot GNCC Tyre

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    • The ultimate combination trail riding and racing tire!
    • Steers light, tracks straight and rides smooth.
    • Exceptional grip, balanced cornering and unbeatable clean-out.
    • Long wearing and highly puncture resistant.
  • ITP Holeshot H-D Tyre

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    • The roughest, toughest Holeshot tire ever!
    • Wide stance helps to climb out and stay out of ruts.
    • Stepped shoulder knob design offers exceptional side bite.
    • Extra-tough sidewall results in unmatched puncture resistance.
  • ITP Holeshot MXR6 Tyre

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    • Ideal choice for loose or loamy race track surfaces.
    • Wider-spaced knobs for better bite and clean-out.
    • Maintains flat profile. Carcass is reinforced to minimize stretching.
  • ITP Holeshot XC/STD Tyre

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    • Patented split-knob design makes this the best-performing knobby around.
    • The most-copied ATV tire ever — imitated, but never duplicated!
    • Best-value Holeshot tire available — more traction for less money.
  • ITP Holeshot XCR/XCT Tyre

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    • Holeshot XCR is the fastest Holeshot trail tire available — lower in profile, narrower and lighter for quicker acceleration.
    • Holeshot XCT is our tallest Holeshot tire, making it ideal for rocky desert terrain. It’s a multi-time Baja winner!
    • Angled knob design provides increased side bite for faster cornering.
  • ITP Mammoth Mayhem ATV Tyre

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    GO BEAST MODE OR GO HOME: From deep within the Louisiana swamps comes the gnarliest mudder of them all — the all-new Mammoth Mayhem mud tire from ITP. See what two-inches of mud-busting lugs can do for you!

    You asked – ITP delivered! The all-new Mammoth Mayhem™ mud tire.

    • Features an extra-deep, two-inch lug for maximum thrust through the deepest muck.
    • Mammoth-size claws propel ATVs and Side-by-Sides forward, while channeling the mud out of the tire tread.
    • Carcass construction and directional tread pattern delivers a remarkably smooth ride on the trail.
    • 6-ply rated carcass is made from an extended wear rubber compound, delivering long-lasting performance.
  • ITP Mayhem ATV Tyre

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    • 1-inch, deep-lug tread design delivers outrageous pull in thick mud and slop.
    • Durable 6-ply rating in a light-weight carcass.
    • Directional tread pattern provides mega-smooth ride.
    • Lightweight carcass enhances trail comfort and handling.
    • Built from extended-wear rubber compound for long-lasting performance.