Car & Van Tyres

  • Vredestein V47 Tyre

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    Vredestein V47 Tyre | For manoeuvrable internal transport

    European law now dictates that tyres on trailers should be capable of speeds of up to 81 mph (130 kilometres per hour). The V47 meets this target easily while retaining comfort and a long lifespan. It is the ideal choice for small trailers that are driven at relatively high speeds.

  • Vredestein V48 Tyre

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    Vredestein V48 Tyre | The right tyre for modern trailers

    The increasing demand for tailor-made trailers has also lead to the development of matching tyres that follow the towing vehicle perfectly well, without troubling the driver. With its special tread, the V48 is an ideal example, especially created for trailers with a low loading platform. It is also often fitted in a tandem arrangement. For extra safety, the tread wear indicator (TWI) shows whether a tyre still has sufficient tread or whether it should be replaced after long and intensive use. The V48 reinforces Vredestein’s conviction that each trailer deserves a tyre to match.

  • Vredestein V49 Tyre

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    Vredestein V49 Tyre | The right tyre for modern trailersStability in all conditions

    The V49’s tread guarantees excellent stability under all conditions and prevents aquaplaning. The tyres have American size indications. In principle, they replace the 4.00-8 and 5.00-8 V47. This modern tyre ensures a comfortable rolling performance.

  • Vredestein V54 Tyre

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    Vredestein V54 Tyre | A robust tyre that won’t let you down

    Heavier small road trailers and agricultural machines with a relatively large capacity will benefit from this heavy-duty high- speed tyre. The high load capacity and all-round tread is the solution for a variety of applications on both livestock farms and in horticulture. Once on the road, the V54 again performs superbly thanks to its excellent stability and relative high load capacity.

    With its durable construction, this is the ideal tyre for economically minded businesses.