Lawn Equipment Tyres

  • Vredestein Greentrax Tyre

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    Vredestein Greentrax Tyre | Cut the costs, keep it Green

    The Vredestein Greentrax is the ideal tyre for professional lawnmowers. This tyre helps you maintain a perfect, green lawn and benefit from extremely high operating efficiency while keeping costs low. The unique profile excels in course stability, lawn protection, long life span, traction and comfort.

    The tyre is also more resistant to damage from kerbs and sharp objects, making the Greentrax the ideal tyre for maintaining parks, public green spaces and sports fields, to name just a few.

  • Vredestein V71 Tyre

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    Vredestein V71 Tyre | The ideal tyre for small machines and tools

    The Vredestein V71 is the perfect tyre for small machines and tools used in maintenance activities on areas such as lawns and sports fields. The specially developed lawn tread means the V71 can be fitted to both driven and non-driven axles.

    New sizes/ profile in preparation.

  • Vredestein V88 Tyre

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    Vredestein V88 Tyre | The tyre that cares for the lawn

    The attractiveness of golf courses, public gardens and parks is hugely influenced by the quality of the lawn. Only specially developed tyres are good enough for the strict daily maintenance schedule involved. Tyres such as the Vredestein V88 are kind to the lawn but at the same time provide sufficient traction to carry out this maintenance flawlessly.