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    Vredestein A.S. Tyre

    Vredestein A.S. Tyre | Comfort and traction assured

    The A.S. traction tread provides excellent stability and ensures non-driven axles keep rolling, even under the most difficult conditions. The A.S. has special tread cleats, which, when fitted on the driven axles of compact tractors, for example, guarantee comfort on the road without any loss of traction in the field.
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    Vredestein A.W. Tyre

    Vredestein A.W. Tyre | The tyre for grassland / arable machines

    Manure spreaders, self-loading trailers, balers, disc harrows and transport equipment keep moving under all conditions due to the widely praised Vredestein A.W. A popular tread, with a sophisticated tyre construction, it ensures good stability in all conditions. Thanks to its special carcass construction the A.W. Special offers further resistance to damage from impact.
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    Vredestein Endurion Tyre

    Vredestein Endurion Tyre | The new radial Agri-industrial tyres for cost concious agricultural businesses

    Cost-conscious professionals demand a lot from tyres for agroindustrial machinery. Indeed, Vredestein tyres are renowned for their high performance and low hourly operating costs. These principles also apply to the development of the latest technological innovation for compact wheel loaders, backhoe loaders and telescopic handlers in the form of the Vredestein Endurion.The Vredestein Endurion is the number one tyre on solid ground. An extra strong carcass and robust profile offer maximum radial and lateral stability, optimum comfort and an exceptionally long service life.
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    Vredestein Faktor-S Tyre

    Vredestein Faktor-S Tyre | The new standard diagonal tractor tyre with added value

    The Faktor-S: a diagonal tractor tyre for light and medium - weight tractors that really lives up to its name. The carcass structure, combined with the size and profile of this tractor tyre, lift performance to a higher level. The wide, long cleats provide a large contact surface for a comfortable drive and a long life span.The smart cleat shape and strong nylon carcass construction provide excellent traction, stability and resistance to impacts. The Faktor-S: perfect for tractors in agriculture, horticulture and forestry.
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    Vredestein Flotation + Tyre

    Vredestein Flotation + Tyre | The ideal tyre for heavy-duty work

    With its large load capacity at a relatively low tyre pressure, the Flotation+ is the ideal tyre for heavy-duty work. Its extra-wide and voluminous design makes the tyre perfectly suited to silage trailers, mixed manure spreaders, tipping trailers and harvesting machinery. The sophisticated carcass construction and unique profile ensure the Flotation+ performs every agricultural task without leaving marks.Apart from driving comfort, the tyre also has excellent self-cleaning properties. This ensures that it keeps rolling under all conditions and guarantees sideways stability.
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    Vredestein Flotation Pro Tyre

    Vredestein Flotation Pro Tyre | For professional farming

    The advanced radial Flotation Pro supports the professional needs of contractors and farmers alike. Its radial construction, with a sturdy belt under the tread, ensures an equal distribution of pressure over the contact surface. This results in excellent preservation of the soil structure. The Flotation Pro’s low rolling resistance ensures that the tyre keeps rolling even under difficult field conditions. The special carcass construction enables road transport at speeds of up to 65 km/h, which are common in modern farming.
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    Vredestein Flotation Trac Tyre

    Vredestein Flotation Trac Tyre | The all-round tyre for optimum performance

    The Flotation Trac Implement Radial is characterised by its all- round capabilities, making it the perfect tyre for both arable and pasture land and for transport activities. The innovative profile and the strong, flexible carcass construction of the Flotation Trac have been designed to deliver top performance that combines machine capacity with preventing damage to the soil structure, while maintaining the ability to carry out transport activities at relatively high speeds.Thanks to its all-round capabilities, the Flotation Trac is suitable for use in a host of agricultural applications, from slurry tankers to self-propelled harvesting machines.
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    Vredestein Greentrax Tyre

    Vredestein Greentrax Tyre | Cut the costs, keep it Green

    The Vredestein Greentrax is the ideal tyre for professional lawnmowers. This tyre helps you maintain a perfect, green lawn and benefit from extremely high operating efficiency while keeping costs low. The unique profile excels in course stability, lawn protection, long life span, traction and comfort.The tyre is also more resistant to damage from kerbs and sharp objects, making the Greentrax the ideal tyre for maintaining parks, public green spaces and sports fields, to name just a few.
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    Vredestein Lug Ring Tyre

    Vredestein Lug Ring Tyre | The flexible front tyre for land and road

    The Lug Ring is a very popular front tyre for tractors which are used for road transportation in addition to field work. The tyre is also highly suitable for planting and sowing machines. Its robust shoulder bars protect the tyre against penetration by sharp objects. The relatively large tread surface guarantees a long life-span.
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    Vredestein Multi Rill Tyre

    Vredestein Multi Rill Tyre | Front tyre for grassland and arable farming

    The role of the front wheels of tractors in preventing structural damage to sub soil should not be underestimated. That’s why Vredestein developed the Multi Rill for modern rear wheel drive tractors which are being used on pasture and arable lands.The self-cleaning line tread gives stability and prevents damage to the turf. The strong nylon carcass has good resistance to extra peak loads, for example when using a front loader.
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    Vredestein Traxion Cereall Tyre

    Vredestein Traxion Cereall Tyre | For modern high-tech high-horsepower tractors

    Modern combine harvesters and bunker harvesters are high capacity machines with more powerful motors, wider working widths and a greater tank volume. All of this places great demands on the tyres — which is why the Traxion Cereall was developed.The special carcass construction with Vredestein F+ technology (IF) means that a high load can be combined with a significantly reduced tyre pressure. The CFO functionality absorbs the large weight differences between an empty and a full grain tank.The curved cleat shape ensures a high power transfer and the self-cleaning profile reduces wheel slip. The width is tailored to the maximum vehicle width for combines.
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    Vredestein Traxion Harvest Tyre

    Vredestein Traxion Harvest Tyre | For the latest generation of harvesters with high productivity

    The ongoing evolution in combines, forage harvesters and potato and beet harvesters requires tyres that provide increased load capacity, superior stability and maximum safety. At the same time, stringent rules on maximum vehicle width are affecting load capacity and traction power.Vredestein has analysed the needs of harvesting professionals in depth and, based on our findings, developed two Traxion Harvest tyre models that address the specific challenges faced under harsh conditions.A new addition to the range of tyres for harvesting machines is the Traxion Harvest. Featuring the proven Traxion profile, it offers an optimal harvesting performance.