Firestone R1085 Tractor Tyre

Firestone R1085 Tractor Tyre

Firestone R1085 Tractor Tyre

  • For medium horsepower tractors.
  • Long tyre-life and uniform tyre-wear.


Firestone R1085 Tractor Tyre

  • For medium horsepower tractors.
  • Long tyre-life and uniform tyre-wear.

Firestone creates tyres with the ideal balance of performance and productivity. Superior engineering and refined designs result in improved traction, low soil-compaction, higher load capacity and longer wear. These innovations not only offer you extremely high performance, they save you time, fuel and money. Firestone tyres: an investment that delivers maximum value.


Low Soil-compaction

Firestone re-engineered tyre-casing with better flexing-properties result in a bigger footprint, reducing the pressure in the contact-area with the soil.

Low soil-compaction results in more and bigger crops and yield, directly contributing to more profit.

Fuel economy

Superior traction achieved through excellent self-cleaning of the lug-pattern allows you to cover more ground faster, saving you time and fuel.

Time saving

Firestone agricultural products are developed to make farming more efficient. Excellent traction and self-cleaning in combination with the possibility to carry heavier implements or more load result in a significant gain of time. The interesting D/E-speed rated tyres allow you to drive on the road at high speeds, contributing to even more time-savings.

Outstanding road handling and comfort

Due to optimised lug- and tread designs, Firestone tyres produce maximum traction in the field and better handling on the road. You can be sure of very accurate steering- and braking response. Renewed tyre-casings offer improved damping-characteristics, contributing to a more comfortable drive without vibrations and road noise. We care about your well-being

Crop protection

Firestone has a wide range of products adapted to each type of cultivation. Narrow row crop tyres are designed to avoid any damage to crops and their roots while being strong enough to cope with the heaviest tanks.

Long life

Optimised compounds and a unique tyre-construction in function of the task to be performed make Firestone tyres extremely durable so they last longer.
Flatter and wider threads in combination with an optimised lug design lead to even pressure distribution on the road, resulting in a uniform wear and extended tyre-life. Firestone products keep on performing, even when half-worn out.


High load capacity

Strong and well engineered tyre-casings make it possible to deal with the heaviest loads without compromising your operation-speed. A selected range of patterns with Improved Flexion- or Extra Load-characteristics are developed to fulfill the high load requirements of special farming-applications.

Dual Angle Lug

Firestone’s unique Dual Angle Lug technology, as applied in the majority of our products features a special lug design with a distinctive ridge in the lugs.

The special lug design increases traction tremendously while keeping soil-disturbance at an acceptable low level. Firestone products with Dual Angle Lugs deliver 4% more traction than standard tyres. The lug-design features excellent self-cleaning, further increasing the traction properties.

Self Cleaning

Good self-cleaning of the tyre-pattern improves traction and reduces tyre-slip. Firestone’s unique Dual Angle Lug technology contributes to better self-cleaning of the lug-pattern. Mud does not cling between the lugs, further improving the traction-properties, saving your time, fuel and top-soil.


Improved Flexion-tyres feature a more than standard resistant casing equipped with sidewalls that enable a greater degree of “flexing”. IF-tyres, in general mounted on faster and more powerful tractors contribute to more efficient, versatile and sustainable farming. You can carry more load or carry the same load with reduced tyre-pressures, reducing the negative effects of soil-compaction.

High Speed Index

A large number of our tyre-patterns features D/E rated speed-indexes, allowing you to transport heavy loads at high speeds, up to 70 Km/h. Re-engineered tyre-casings with better damping characteristics result in high-speed operation with optimum driving-comfort.

For more information visit the Firestone website.

Additional information

Tyre Size

250/85R24 109A8 106B, 280/85R24 115A8 112B, 320/85R24 122A8 119B, 340/85R24 125A8 122B, 380/85R24 131A8 128B, 420/85R24 137A8 134B, 280/85R28 118A8 115B, 320/85R28 124A8 121B, 340/85R28 127A8 124B, 380/85R28 133A8 130B, 420/85R28 139A8 136B, 420/85R30 140A8 137B, 420/85R34 142A8 139B, 340/85R36 132A8 129B, 340/85R38 133A8 130B, 420/85R38 144A8 141B, 460/85R38 149A8 146B, 520/85R38 155A8 152B

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