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Goodyear Traction Sure Grip Vintage Tractor Tyre

Tramadol Prescribed Online, Buy Cheap Tramadol

Goodyear’s original and highly collectable farm tyre, the 12.4/11-28 Traction Sure Grip, is made in Turkey, at the Goodyear factory where it was first produced. It has taken us four years to get them back in production, and only a limited quantity are made.

Ordering Tramadol Online Cod
  • Description


About the Goodyear Traction Sure Grip Vintage Tractor Tyre

Goodyear’s original and highly collectable farm tyre, the 12.4/11-28 Traction Sure Grip, is made in Turkey, at the Goodyear factory where it was first produced. It has taken us four years to get them back in production, and only a limited quantity are made.